PINit TV showcases exclusive behind-the-scenes film documentary episodes of the best racers in the motorsports industry.  Our driving mission is to capture the character of these racers and their teams to document the immense odds they overcome to be at the top of their game on race day.

For 2016, PINit TV will showcase the best professional racers in the U.S. in only behind the scenes film series of its kind.  PINit TV will enable race and film fans the rare opportunity to see racers in their homes, garages, and pits in beautifully shot 15-20 minute film quality episodes.

After beginning his career in college athletics, PINit’s creator, Michael Accorsi opened Accorsi Studios.  Fixated on the belief that competitiveness that permeated the 70’s and 80’s in football existed somewhere in sports today.

In 2014, I went to my first flat track mile race.  It was the Sacramento Mile and I had never seen anything like those bikes before in my life.  And this includes standing on the sidelines for over 15 years at NFL and college games.  Seeing those riders roll off the throttle coming into a turn, seeing that rear tire slide, then violently back on the throttle…. on a 750 twin?  There is nothing like that experience anywhere in sports.”  

We then began the mission to try and capture these riveting athletes and moments in their sports on film.  We created PINit TV as a place that showcases people scraping and fighting to break through.  This is the human connection that draws us to sport.
Check out our promotional video and subscribe to our brand new Youtube Channel.

PINit TV is Badass TV!

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