Carmel Valley Film Project


A rich winning tradition of motorcycle racing in Carmel Valley, California is a story too sensational not to be told. The list of incredible racers from Salinas is so dizzying, I barely can keep up a list. The incredible competitiveness of the young riders in the sport today is also impressive.


Bubba Shobert, Ricky Graham, and Doug Chandler 


Great riders from the past: Doug Chandler, Ricky Graham, Bruce Johnson, Buddy and Ricky Robinson to name a few. Current riders Andrew Luker, Briar and Bronson Bauman, Stevie Bonsey, and the Martin twins and Kage Tadman are continuing the legacy in the Carmel Valley.



Team Honda


Film Synopsis

The film will be shot in the 1970s vintage California style like old freestyle motorcycle films with music, personal cameras following each race, highlighted with epic riding footage. This is not a documentary and is not investigating the history of the area. The aim of the film is capture past and current great riders meeting for a day of storytelling, connecting, and indirectly answering: What is going on in Carmel Valley that has established such an illustrious tradition of great racers?


Stevie Bonsey


We will bring the past and current past riders to a private track in the valley. Place cameras with riders, stopping telling the story of some key landmarks in the area, ending up at a private track with a bonfire, BBQ, some cold beer, and the legendary stories of that make the Valley so notorious.   And maybe a few bikes may be available to let these riders have a few laps for the memory books.


Kage Tadman, 7 years old ripping up the dirt at Prairie City   (photo: Ken Weissenberger)